Outdoor Fire Pits in Worcester

A backyard or garden fire pit can bring a Worcester property from lovely to heavenly. Whether you’re looking for a classic wood burning pit or the ease and convenience of a modern propane fire pit, call Taylor Made Construction Corp. today at (774) 242-2358 to start making your fire pit dreams a reality.

The Best Placement for Your Outdoor Fire Pit

Outdoor fire pits make us think about a time when people gathered around a fire to tell stories about their adventures and their quests for survival. It can feel relaxed, primitive, and edgy but we assure you that there are rules for installing and maintaining fire pits on residential properties.

The rules affecting your fire pit dreams differ based on your property, the size and type of fire pit you want as well as other factors. One thing to keep in mind is that fire pits usually have to be a certain distance away from most structures (like your house), as well as the yards of any and all neighbors you may have.

Some very small and simple fire pits do not require a permit, but many fire pits do. Even fire pits that do not require a permit may require a visit from your local fire department to assess the safety of the project. This is important for wood burning fire pits, and also important for natural gas fire pits.

Stress-Free Fire Pit Installation

Taylor Made Construction Corp. will help assist you in getting the appropriate permits for your fire pit installation. Once all the required forms have been filled out and properly submitted, our team will begin building your fire pit.

We can build any type of fireproof base including, concrete, stone, brick, gravel or slate. We don’t recommend building wood bases as they are more at risk of catching fire from burning embers.

We can make your fire pit installation stress-free and on budget. Call us today to start planning your fire pit project.

Safety Concerns for You and Your Outdoor Fire Pit

Fire is a dangerous thing and should be treated with the utmost respect. Even a perfectly built and expertly maintained fire pit could become dangerous if it isn’t treated properly. All fire pits built by Taylor Made Construction Corp. go above and beyond the mandatory safety requirements, without sacrificing quality of experience, and you can rest assured that any fire pit installation is only done after making sure that we’re in accordance with the rules and regulations of your specific area.

It’s still important to make sure that everyone, especially inexperienced people, are properly trained in how to manage their wood burning or natural gas fire pit. One of our installation technicians will be happy to walk you and your family through the safety features of each of our models.

Call Taylor Made Construction Corp. Today for Your Worcester Fire Pit Installation

Don’t hesitate to start the process of bringing your fire dreams to life. There is no better gift for your family, employees, or clients than the age-old tradition of sitting around a raging fire. Call us today to set up an appointment!